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11 February 2021

Reflation: Can Policymakers Engineer Just the Right Amount of Inflation?

Ardea discuss the risks of unexpectedly higher inflation which would disrupt the ‘lower for longer’ interest rates theme that has turbocharged asset prices everywhere.

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30 November 2020

Ardea Investment Management at the VOICES 2020 Conference

Ardea Head of Research, Dr Laura Ryan speaks about the defensive side of fixed income and fixed income solutions to target returns at the VOICES 2020 Conference. 

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22 September 2020

The Hive – An introduction to relative value investing and XARO

ActiveX’s Sam Morris meets with Gopi Karunakaran from Ardea to discuss the latest market trends, relative value investing and the ActiveX Ardea Real Outcome Bond Fund (Managed Fund).

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26 August 2020

Will Japanification Eliminate Relative Value Trading Opportunities in Rates Markets?

Record low rates are leading some market participants to question whether all bond markets are experiencing “Japanification”. Will this backdrop spell the end to relative value trading opportunities? Ardea discuss their thoughts.

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3 April 2020

XARO COVID-19 Response

The latest update from Ardea Investment Management on the ActiveX Ardea Real Outcome Bond Fund (Managed Fund), including what they’re seeing in markets and how they are positioned.

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1 April 2020

Fiscal is the new black ( …until the bond vigilantes return )

Ardea’s Gopi Karunakaran discusses whether government bonds are still the ‘safe haven’ they are often assumed to be.

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2 March 2020

How to reduce the risk of a portfolio

In this Livewire Exclusive video, Ardea’s Dr Laura Ryan discusses one strategy that can produce returns regardless of whether interest rates are rising or falling.

Housing exposure
31 January 2020

Household wealth and its hidden exposure to the housing market

Ardea discuss how the average Australian household’s wealth may be even more exposed to the housing market than many people realise.

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9 December 2019

5 Key Risks Impacting Fixed Income for FY20

Ardea discuss five key risks to fixed income markets for FY20 and explain their relevance to those allocating to fixed income investments.

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