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18 October 2019

The bizarre world of negative interest rates

Ardea discuss how some central banks are pushing monetary policy into the upside down world of negative interest rates, but rather than success they are creating bizarre side effects.

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2 August 2019

ASX Investor Day – Investing for Income

At the ASX Investor Day, Gopi Karunakaran from Ardea Investment Management shared his thoughts in the panel session ‘Investing for Income’.

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30 May 2019

The term deposit alternative that offers a higher rate of return

ActiveX Investment Specialist Sam Morris, has featured in Money Magazine discussing a term deposit alternative that offers a higher rate of return.

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Gopi Karunakaran
29 March 2019

Nestegg podcast – Just how defensive is your portfolio really?

In this Nestegg podcast, Gopi Karunakaran speaks with host David Stratford about the current spotlight on the fixed income markets.

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28 February 2019

Webinar: Introducing ActiveX

In our recent webinar, Ardea Portfolio Manager Gopi Karunakaran and Fidante Investment Specialist Sam Morris discuss the ActiveX Ardea Real Outcome Bond Fund (Managed Fund)

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Risk return
27 February 2019

Why are you accepting more risk for less return?

Since 2008, corporate bond markets have been in a real sweet spot. Yield chasing investors met debt hungry corporates and both sides were happy. That was then.

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21 January 2019

Allocating in times of uncertainty

Ardea discuss how uncorrelated asset classes can become correlated in a stressed environment.

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Broken steel chain
16 January 2019

Conventional fixed income is not doing its job

Conventional portfolio construction assumes that government bonds will diversify equity risk. Ardea discuss why this is not the case.

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Ardea Commsec interview
17 December 2018

Commsec Executive Series

Tom Piotrowski speaks with Ardea’s Gopi Karunakaran regarding rising US interest rates, the outlook for Australian interest rates and the ActiveX Ardea Real Outcome Bond Fund (Managed Fund) (XARO).

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