Boutique advantage

Boutiques are specialist investment managers. Like any small business, the owners are driven by a passion for what they do and a high conviction in their ideas and processes. Boutiques are generally made up of a high-performing close-knit team who share a love of investing and have as much at stake in your investment as you do.

Why Boutiques Have the Edge

Aligned with Investors

Boutique fund managers put their own money into their business and usually invest personally in their funds. As both investors and business owners, they’re highly committed to the long-term success of their funds.

Agile and innovative

Boutiques have a singular focus and are unencumbered with the bureaucracy and politics of institutional investment managers.

Asset-class specialists

Boutiques have an intense focus on a particular asset class or strategy, and this specialisation leads to a high level of expertise. Fidante provides a platform for the most talented investment teams, combining their expertise with our scale, so that boutiques can focus on what they do best: investing.

High-conviction investors

For boutiques, an investment philosophy is much more than a statement. It speaks to their investment beliefs and drives them to make intelligent, high-conviction investment decisions with the aim of generating compelling returns for their investors.